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Graduate Programs

PhD Program

Student working on a robot

的计算机科学是一个复位arch-oriented department with a distinguished history of contributions in systems, theory, artificial intelligence, and HCI. Over the past decade, a third of its PhD graduates have won tenure-track faculty positions, and its alumni include leaders at major research laboratories such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM.


Applicants with an undergraduate degree are admitted directly into the PhD program. Students receive an MS degree during their second year, and typically complete their PhD in a total of four to five years.

The program includes an option for a student to earn a joint PhD in computer science and another department.

During their first two years, students take courses in all areas of computer science, and complete the area requirements for one research area, in order to ensure technical depth.

A Dissertation Advisory Committee is formed during the first term of the third year. Students are required to submit and defend a thesis proposal during the second term of their third year. The committee conducts a formal review of the student's progress every six months. The final step is to write and defend a PhD thesis.

For application and financial support information see theapplying to Rochester page.


The PhD students are required to complete:

  • 六个广度课程
  • CSC 400: Problem Seminar
  • All of the area requirements for one of the following areas:
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Human-computer interaction
    • Systems
    • Theory
  • 博士论文提案

For more information see thePhD requirements page.

Doctoral Study Areas


Student working in a lab

Have you ever wanted to make computers as smart as human beings? Are you interested in making robots that better serve people? Have you found current computing systems too difficult to use? Have you ever wanted to discover the valuable information hidden within big data? If so, then you should explore our artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction (AI/HCI) group. They have led the way in creating software that interacts with people in a way that feels natural.

核心努力涉及自然语言处理,人类的情感和对自然界的推理和推理的人类感知。AI / HCI集团专门从事几个关键领域:

  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Data mining
  • 自然语言处理和理解
  • Knowledge representation
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Robotics


Computer code

Interested in understanding what makes computing systems work? Ever wondered how to build software that scales up to serve people from all over the world? Want to build programming tools to make coding easier and more efficient? Do you want to solve the security challenges that have plagued computing? If so, our systems group is for you. The systems group performs cutting-edge research in many critical areas:

  • Operating systems
  • 编译器,计划分析和程序转换
  • 并行和分布式计算
  • 处理器和内存架构
  • Computer security

Our PhD students develop new ways to improve the performance and functionality of mobile, cloud, and multicore systems; devise novel and power-efficient processors and memory; understand the behavior of complex modern applications; and create new countermeasures to defeat sophisticated cyber-attacks. We disseminate our results to both academia and industry and contribute to major open-source projects.


Robot programming session


Examples of the questions we study are: How do you design a voting system that makes manipulation computationally prohibitive? From what distributions can we sample effectively? Can you keep information private while being able to extract useful information from it?

The theory group has several areas of particular focus:

  • Algorithms
  • Computational complexity
  • Computational social choice
  • Cryptography and security
  • 抽样,计数和马尔可夫链

Summer Internships

Department pool party

The department believes that practical experience in industrial settings is crucial to motivating, guiding, and advancing research in computer science.


Internships can be found by responding to calls for interns distributed in the department, using faculty advisors' networks of personal contacts, and through the University's职业和实习中心.

Both department support and research internships should be reported in your fall PAS materials.